Head of  Activity Group

 Isolation, purification, identification and quantification derivatives compounds (volatile and non-volatile compounds) and study on biological effects
 Formulation and standardization of herbal extracts and herbal Products
 study on optimization methods of products (oils and extracts)
 Collect traditional medicinal plants information and their products

Abilities Group
• separation and purification of natural compounds
• Identify the structure of chemical compounds.
• Analysis and Determination of pharmaceutical compounds
• Standardization of natural products
• formulation of pharmaceutical and herbal products
• cytotoxic Effects Herb
• Antioxidant effects of herbs
• Analysis and identification and quantification of medicinal plants
• Analysis of Medicinal Plants
• Analysis of essential oils
• Analysis of extracts from medicinal plants
• Instrumental analysis of essential oils and extracts
• Analysis of Herbal Essences and herbal water
• Analysis of Phytochemistry
• Oil Analysis