Dorrin Golab Agro-Industry Company

Dorrin Golab Agro-Industry Complex is established with the management of Dr. Parviz Kheirkhah in Kashan in 1998. The high production variety of this company is as the following: Essential oils, Rose Oral Drops, Herbal Oral Drops, Rose Water, Plant waters (Herbal Distillates), Combined Plant Waters, Herbal Drinks, Rose Water and Plant Water Sachets, Dried Rose Buds and Petals, Other Dried Medicinal Plants, Saffron, Rose Water and Plant Water Sprays and Rose Attar in Traditional Packages.
This company has 400 hectares of organic and conventional rose farms and also 200 hectares of other medicinal plants in Kashan and different regions of Iran.  
It is over 20 years that Dorrin Golab Company is Supplying raw material for herbal medicine, beauty and care as well as food industries inside Iran and abroad.
Dorrin Golab Agro-Industry Complex has gotten the following certificates:
1) Two ISO Certificates from BQS organization in England.
2) Organic Certificate from Bio Inspecta AG organization in Switzerland
3) HACCP Certificate from TCS Organization in Turkey supervised by Australia.
4) One Halal Certificate from BQS organization in England
5) Standard Certificate for all of the products issued by Standard Organization of Iran
6) Health Certificate for all of the products issued by Food and Drug Administration in Kashan-Iran
Dorrin Golab Company is the only company in Iran that has been able to get Organic Certificate from the European Union (Bio Inspecta in Switzerland) and has taken action to get Demeter Certificate from Germany.
It is worth mentioning that Dorrin Golab Complex has a high variety of packaging as well as products.
Besides, Dorrin Golab Complex has exports to England, Canada, Germany, France, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, China, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Bulgaria and Dubai.